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If you’re a website owner or someone with expertise in WordPress, then you’ll know about the basics of hosting. The cheapest hosting solution is shared hosting, where multiple websites are hosted on a single server.


Next comes the virtual private server, which offers you a separate private space on a server with additional resources. Finally, the best hosting solution, dedicated hosting. With this, you’ll get an entire dedicated server for your own site. Unfortunately, dedicated hosting is the most expensive.


All of the abovementioned hosting types can be either managed or unmanaged. The majority of the hosting is unmanaged. Unmanaged hosting means after you buy a small portion of a server to host your websites, you must do everything yourself.


While managed hosting is where your provider manages your site and server for you, this means that your provider will take care of the majority of the tasks for you. This type of hosting is perfect for nontechsavvy people.

Benefits of managed hosting

The features and facilities you get from managed hosting vary from provider to provider. However, the majority of the managed hosting providers offer the following:

  • They offer staging sites for you to tinker with your site with complete freedom and zero risk


  • They help scan your website for security threats and automatically deal with any problems that occur


  • They create frequent backups of your entire website and take care of all the updates for you


  • They help with performance optimization to ensure your site is always running at full speed


  • They help configure your server whether you’re on a dedicated plan or on a virtual private server


  • Last but not least, they provide you extensive support to answer all your questions


In a nutshell, the provider will manage all the important tasks for you while you focus on adding content to your website.


Have you decided to get managed WordPress hosting and want a provider which offers security and takes care of backups? There is a lot of competition on the market in this domain. Instead of you having to review all the providers, we have found the exact WordPress hosting solution that will cater to all of your website’s needs!


We recommend Kinsta WordPress hosting as it comes with a bundle of great features. In this review, we will dive into all the amazing features that Kinsta has to offer.


If you’re someone looking for the best-managed WordPress hosting solution, or you’re just curious about what Kinsta has to offer, then this article is for you!


Let’s get into it.


Kinsta was founded back in 2013. Since then, Kinsta has been striving hard to become the optimal choice for all managed WordPress hosting users ready to overlook fancy marketing campaigns and low prices to uncover a safe and fast solution for their websites.


Kinsta takes care of all the major aspects of hosting a WordPress site but goes beyond and hosts your site in an optimized environment for WordPress sites. Kinsta promises you lightningspeed hosting, nextgeneration infrastructure, and reliable
customer service.


Now let’s dive deeper into all the features it has to offer.

Google Cloud-Based Infrastructure

The primary differentiating factor between Kinsta and other hosting providers is Kinsta’s use of the Google Cloud Platform. They exclusively offer Google cloud server hosting, which makes their infrastructure different from traditional providers.


This feature allows your websites to be hosted on an infrastructure that Google itself maintains. This offers maximum speeds and unseen reliability. Big tech names such as Spotify, HTC,
Snapchat, CocaCola, and Philips use Google Cloud Platform.

Automatic backups for WordPress sites

Kinsta will automatically backup your WordPress site daily. You can configure it to back up every six hours or every hour with an additional fee. The daily backups are stored for 14 days on the starter plan and for longer durations on the higher plans.


Restoring old backups is a breeze. With a click of a button, you can restore any backup and deploy it to your live website or your staged website

WordPress Staging feature

All the Kinsta plans offer WordPress staging features. This feature creates a ditto copy of your whole website, but it isn’t accessible to the public. You can test out new edits, plugins, and website customizations before deploying them to your live site. Then, you can deploy all the changes to your live site with a single click.


You can also seamlessly switch between different PHP versions and access new relic PHP tools. You also get a search and replace feature, which is available on the dashboard.

Kinsta Account Management Dashboard

You get an awesome userfriendly custom dashboard to manage your account. The Kinsta portal is easy to navigate and allows you to perform many tasks like updating plugins, creating new WordPress sites, and managing backups all from a single dashboard.

You can also view resource usage stats and see how much of your plan resources you have consumed. The dashboard also has the website visitor analytics for you.

How to Install WordPress

After signing up with Kinsta, you can log in to the custom control panel and create WordPress sites seamlessly. The whole process is very easy and straightforward. With just a few taps, you’ll have your WordPress site up and running.

Reliable Customer Support

Kinsta offers a 24/7 chat service. You also have the option to submit a ticket, and the highly qualified team will cater to all your needs. In addition, their customer support team is highly reliable and will help you with any issue related to your site.

Optimized for e-Commerce sites

Any e-Commerce business on WordPress can leverage Kinsta’s highly optimized hosting
solutions. With free plugins like WooCommerce, WordPress is the optimal choice for
entrepreneurs. In addition, business owners using WordPress can gain a lot from Kinsta’s easy
management tools and reliable support.

Final Words

Kinsta isn’t cheap as it offers unmatched features. In a nutshell, Kinsta is better suited for users who expect higher traffic and want to scale and secure their site.

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